“Stay Gold Ponyboy”. From Left to Right: C. Thomas Howell, Jonathan Ragus and Ralph Macchio.

Host Jonathan Ragus was born and raised in Queens, NY. Now living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, he is a proud husband and father who has been doing internet based projects in sports and radio for over 17 years.

Jonathan is the creator of “Ranger Nation”, one of the first fan sites dedicated to the New York Rangers. Ranger Nation took on a life of its own after the first couple of years and it blew up to become a business that JR ran for close to 15 years.

JR also worked for Courtside Magazine, Draft Daily, MVP Gotham, and many other sites and his work has been featured on ESPN, Fox Sports, Yardbarker, and MSN as well as newspapers and magazines.

He has had the privilege of interviewing some amazing people from actors D.B. Sweeney and Dave Coulier to WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele and author/entrepreneur Jesse Itzler.

JR’s favorite interviews thus far on “The Stoop” (and Fan Junkies Radio & 24/7 Sports Hub Radio) was his idol growing up, New York Rangers Legend Adam Graves, author Jesse Itzler, Lilith from Lilith and The Knight, Neal Middleton and Sean Hennesy of Royal Bliss and actress Nancy Valen, although every interview with every guest holds a special place in his life.

His dream is to take “The Stoop” to satellite radio where he can do a daily show and continue his dream.

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“The Shark” Jeff Porrini getting ready to co-host another LIVE episode of “The Stoop”.

Host Jeff “The Shark” Porrini was born and raised in Huntingdon Valley, PA (a suburb outside of Philly) and currently lives in Langhorne,PA

Jeff is a Philadelphia guy and an avid fan of all sports Philly. He graciously bleeds the red,green,orange and the red,white and blue of his local teams.

Jeff has mostly made his mark in fantasy football writing for multiple web based pages, and also is the founder of a pro football pick em contest known as “Beat The Shark” which has ran for several seasons.

The highlight of his weeks are truly Monday’s when he gets to talk to all the amazing guest which grace The Stoop with their presence. “It’s always been a dream of mine to sit and talk to as many different people as possible,because everyone has a great story to tell” Jeff says.

Jeff is currently engaged and will be getting married in May 2017, an event that he hopes to record and air the highlights for right here at stoopradio.com.

“Anything for the good of the show,and anything at all for a laugh” is Jeffs motto and he believes 100% that if you can make a man laugh, he’s your friend forever. Oh and he also has an unusual obsession with beer and Mia Khalifa, but you have to love him anyway.

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And a special shout-out to our former co-hosts Michael McShane, John Leary and Jim Williams. Thank you guys for your hard work, dedication and kick ass views and opinions. You can check out Mike’s show, Frat House Sports, by clicking here.