We value what our guests and people in the business think of our brand. We have been lucky enough to have on so many amazing people from the worlds of Movies, Television, Music, Sports and more. Below are some quotes from past guests and people we work with. Thank you all.


“Great show, great hosts. Very passionate and knowledgeable. Fun to do!!”
Actor D.B. Sweeney

“I’m in love with Jonathan and Jeff from The Stoop! Such awesome guys. Really enjoyed being interviewed by them. I hope to be back on with them for our next single!”
Lilith from Lilith and The Knight

“I have been very lucky to work with Jonathan at The Stoop. He has hosted a handful of my clients ranging from screenwriters to producers to actors and every time the client has an incredible interview experience. Jonathan always prepares in advance, does his homework, and hosts a fun, lively show. ”
Stefani Roberts (Sechel PR)

“I had a great time on the show. I loved all of the questions you asked. It felt more like a conversation than an interview. Killer time!”
Jesyka from Syka

“I always love sitting on “The Stoop” with great hosts like Jonathan and Jeff. We talk about so many amazing and wonderful things and it’s a pleasure to be able to share my music with such great people.”
Musician Ed Roman

“If you want the scoop check out “The Stoop” with Jonathan and Jeff! Great people, great show!”
Country Star Donica Knight

“Fantastic! Thank you so much! I had so much fun. Thank you for having me on!”
Actress Jamie Bernadette