Mic2It’s real simple here at “The Stoop”.

We are here to give our listeners and our fans an alternative to the same shows they hear on an every day basis.

“The Stoop” goes LIVE every Monday and Thursday nights for 2 hours. We featured guests from the worlds of Music, Movies, Television, Sports, Professional Wrestling, Books, etc. If you name it, we feature it here.

Our hosts, Jonathan Ragus and Jeff Porrini (you can learn more about them by clicking here), are two friends who met through other internet based projects years ago and that friendship is what “The Stoop” is all about. Two friends hanging out, talking current events and hanging out with some incredible guests.

“The Stoop” continues to evolve since it’s re-branding in January of 2016 (before that it was called Fan Junkies Radio and 24/7 Sports Hub Radio, all shows were sports specific). We have changed from a 100% sports based podcast platform to feature anything and everything.

But it’s always about our listener.

And we really want to hear from you about our show, our dream come true.

Let us know what and/or who you would want to hear on “The Stoop” by hitting us up using the “Contact Us” form.

Thank you so much for being absolutely the best listeners an internet based radio show could have. Without you, “The Stoop” wouldn’t be at 1,000,000+ listens!